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Notice: California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

On January 1, 2020, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which safeguards the privacy of California Consumers went into effect.  As part of our commitment to providing you the best possible service, we’ve taken the opportunity to add a new feature to support the privacy of your borrowers.

What updates will you see?

  • Borrowers now have a “Do Not Sell’ flag attached to their account.  This will allow you to be in compliance with the Opt-Out component of CCPA.
  • The “Do Not Sell” flag is set by selecting the box in the communication section on the Borrower screen.
  • Borrowers with the “Do Not Sell” flag set will  be excluded from data exports to MortgageSAT or other Third Parties if applicable.
  • The “Do Not Sell’ column will be available soon in RVDB and all reporting options as well.


For more details on CCPA including submitting requests and further definitions see the knowledge-based article below:

RV Exchange

Loan System


4/08/20 8:00 AM PT We are investigating where RVX closes and displays the following error 'Sequence contains more than one matching element.' This will be resolved with a new deployment of RVX in the first week of May 2020.

RV Documents

Loan Documents


8/1/19 2:15 pm PT - Some users are not able to create document packages. 2:40 pm PT. Issue has been resolved.

RV Exchange

Feature in RVX



RV Administration

RV Admin Website


04/01/20 7:20 AM PT - Access to RVA is currently not available. 7:30 AM PT Resolved.

RV Reporting

Reporting Services


5/24/2020 - Nightly reports are sporadically not being emailed to users. There is currently no ETA when this will be resolved. 7/12/19 - The configurable export function is currently generating an error message. This will be resolved in a future release of RVX. Please use the Report Generator tool in the interim.

RV Database

Client Reporting


Last issue: 3/15/19
Loan dates not being populated.

RV Sales Accelerator

CRM & Sales Tools


2/14/20 - 5:20 AM PT When accessing RVSA after entering credentials an error 500 message is displayed. We are currently working on identifying the root cause. 2/14/20 6:40 AM PT resolved.

RV Integrations

Vendor Integrations


Last issue: 1/14/20 Avantus Credit Integration is currently failing. 2/10/20 Avantus Credit Integration is operational. Note: Lereta Title remains to fail and there is no ETA when this will be resolved

RV eSign

Electronically Signed Documents


12.7.18 Some application packages are not being sent to eSign. This was resolved at 2 pm PST.