ReverseVision System Status

RV Exchange (RVX) v6.12 Release – Sunday Sept. 24th @ 5 pm PT

RV Exchange (RVX) v6.12 will be released on Sunday, September 24, 2017 between 5 pm and 9 pm PT.  ReverseVision will be unavailable at this time.

RVX 6.12 contains the changes for Mortgagee Letter 2017-12, with an effective date of 10/02/2017.   Global Admins have been sent a communication with instructions on how to make the new Principal Limit Factors and MIP Rates available to their internal users and partners.

Full Release Notes: Release Notes v6.12

All ReverseVision updates and release notes can be located in the ReverseVision Support Portal.



RVSA 2.4, RVA, and Reporting Released 


ReverseVision has completed the release of two updates to the ReverseVison platform today, 9/14/2017, at 3:05 PM PT.

Release 1: ReverseVision Admin (RVA) and ReverseVision Reporting Website

No major functionality changes are being implemented with release; however, the look and feel of RVA and RVR will change.  Menus will be moved to the left-side of the screen and the issues with filter boxes and menus not working correctly have been addressed.

Release 2: ReverseVision Sales Accelerator (RVSA)

This release will implement the calculation changes required for the mortgagee letter.

This release now offers the ability to run scenarios using the ML 2017-12 PL Factors and MIP rates.    The weekly rate report is also available for a limited time to all users of ReverseVision.

View the full RVSA Release Notes for more information on what is available in this release.

Access RVSA today using your RVX User Name and Password credentials.


RV Exchange

Loan System


Last Issue: September 18
Some users were not able to login to RVX 6.11.1 after upgrading, We identified the root cause that prevented their inability to login for 15 minutes.

RV Documents

Loan Documents


Last Issue: March 13
Document History Unavailable.

RV Exchange

Feature in RVX


Last Issue: January 12
Attachments not loading.

RV Administration

RV Admin Website


Last Issue: July 10
Clients are not able to login to RVA. Resolved at 1:40 PM PST

RV Reporting

Reporting Services


Last Issue:August 18
Report Generator & our Reporting Website will not generate reports. Report Generating displays a spinning wheel. Resolved 8;10 am PST.

RV Database

Client Reporting


Last Issue: July 25
We are currently experiencing some tables in client's RVDB not syncing with the production database. This has been resolved. 9:45 am PST.

RV Integrations

Vendor Integrations


Last issue: September 14
Connectivity issue with CoreLogic.

RV Sales Accelerator

CRM & Sales Tools


Last Issue: March 14
RVSA Inaccessible for some customers depending on your location withIn the US.