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RV Exchange (RVX) v6.13 Released

RV Exchange (RVX) v6.13 will be released on Thursday, October 12, 2017, between 7 pm and 11 pm PT.   ReverseVision will be unavailable during this time.


Non-Borrowing Owner

With this release the Non-Borrowing Owner (NBO) functionality has been introduced to the Other-Household Member screen. When this box is checked, the Non-Borrowing Owner’s information will appear on the Signatures Screen. When a user right-clicks on the Signature field, the pop-up screen will show which documents the Non-Borrowing Owner’s signature will show on.

Non-Borrowing Owner signatures will always auto-populate on the security instruments and their riders, by default.

Other disclosures specifically designed to populate the Non-Borrowing Owner’s information and signature will also appear in the default doc package when the NBO box is checked.

For the full release notes see: Release Notes.

All ReverseVision updates and release notes can be located in the ReverseVision Support Portal.

RV Exchange

Loan System


Last Issue: September 25
Update: 9.26.17 / 1:00 PM PST - We are seeing positive performance improvements from our action plan and users are no longer experiencing Monday's slowness.

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Last Issue: March 13
Document History Unavailable.

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Last Issue: January 12
Attachments not loading.

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Last Issue: July 10
Clients are not able to login to RVA. Resolved at 1:40 PM PST

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Last Issue: Oct 19
Exports of reporting pools & the funding report where failing. 10/19/17 4:30 PT. Issue has been resolved.

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Last Issue: Oct 1
Data has been completely refreshed, and data is updating as normal. .

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Last issue: September 14
Connectivity issue with CoreLogic.

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Last Issue: March 14
RVSA Inaccessible for some customers depending on your location withIn the US.