ReverseVision System Status

RV Exchange

Loan System


10/25/18 7:30 am PST Some users are not able to access attachments in the notes & conditions section of RVX.
Update 10:25 am PST We identified the root cause and the issue has been resolved.

RV Documents

Loan Documents


8/16/18 - 9 am PST Some customers are receiving a documents failed error when a new loan is created and a proposal or application document package is ordered. The document package was created and can be found in document history. Resolved 10/4/2018.

RV Exchange

Feature in RVX


Some users are reporting that they are unable to open attachemnts and/or Document History is empty. This has been resolved.

RV Administration

RV Admin Website


Last Issue: Nov 1st
Email notifications not sending.

RV Reporting

Reporting Services


11/14/18   8:30 am PT   Report Generator allows users to login but is not generating any reports.  Issue resolved at 9 am PT.  <br>


RV Database

Client Reporting


Last Issue: April 2nd 7:30 am PST
We are aware of missing loan information in the loan identification table. 11:15 am PST. Our DBA team identified the cause for the missing loans in the loan identification table and that table has been repopulated. Issue resolved

RV Sales Accelerator

CRM & Sales Tools


Last Issue: June 4th 11:25 AM PST
Slowness launching credential login page. Update 11:55 am PST - Issue has been resolved.

RV Integrations

Vendor Integrations


Last issue: August 10th
Premier Title & Escrow Integration is currently failing. PT&E is making software changes for the integration to work properly. PT&E has not provided any date for a resolution. It is currently the beginning of November.

RV eSign

Electronically Signed Documents


3/15/2018 Trying to send documents via eSign from RVX displays the following error' Unable to Send Documents, please try again. We are aware of this issue and currently working on a resolution. 1 pm PST - This issue has been resolved.