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A Generational Lending Strategy Equals Opportunity!
The New Way of Selling HECMs.
Generational Lending

Learn how you can benefit
from a Generational Lending strategy.

According to research by The STRATMOR Group,
an estimated 1,260,000 traditional loan units are originated annually, industrywide, for borrowers over 65.


If just 10% of these loans were HECMs instead of traditional loans, the result could mean 126,000 additional reverse mortgage transactions, well over double the current industry volume.


Watch our UserCon 2018 session by Jim Cameron, STRATMOR Group senior partner, for more survey findings and details.

Learn more about the opportunity.


Connect with one of our lending partners to learn how you can get the preferred reverse mortgage LOS, RV Exchange (RVX), and start originating HECM loans today.

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