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OptifiNow, Open Mortgage Leverage ReverseVision API

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ReverseVision today announced their recently released Loan Import API has been leveraged by OptifiNow for mutual lender client Open Mortgage. The integration links OptifiNow’s cloud-based SaaS sales and management platform with ReverseVision’s RV Exchange (RVX) loan origination platform, enabling Open Mortgage to expedite loan production, drive performance and better nurture customer relationships for its reverse lending channel.

The OptifiNow platform offers a central command station from which lenders can manage sales and performance functions via customer relationship management (CRM), intelligent sales automation, sales enablement, business intelligence (BI) and application programming interface (API) modules. When connected with lenders’ core origination technology, OptifiNow can deliver closed-loop marketing that equips lenders with revenue-driving insights into lead sources, loan originator (LO) performance, closed loan revenues and ROI opportunities.

ReverseVision and OptifiNow’s partnership has streamlined origination at Open Mortgage by building a “generate loan” button directly into the OptifiNow dashboard that enables LOs to create and prepopulate a loan application directly within RVX. Instead of switching systems and manually rekeying applicant data, reverse LOs can generate loans with the push of a button, benefitting from the simplicity and strengthened data integrity inherent to process automation.

Once a loan record is generated in either system, OptifiNow will synchronize its data with RVX so that current borrower data and loan status are reflected in both systems. Hybrid LOs that originate both forward and reverse mortgages will benefit from the integration by simply toggling between their forward and reverse workflow within OptifiNow.

“Our Loan Import API was developed out of ReverseVision’s commitment to enable platform implementations that match lenders’ business models,” said ReverseVision Vice President of Sales and Marketing Wendy Peel. “As mortgage technology and the lending market evolve, our cloud-based, API-enabled platform will be able to flex to lenders’ needs so that they can meet borrowers where they are in life.”

“API is a foundational pillar of our platform because we believe that digital mortgage technologies should integrate for the benefit of the customer,” said OptifiNow President and CEO John McGee. “If we don’t have an integration with a client’s vendor, then we aggressively work to develop that partnership. It’s a win for everybody when we can perform integrations that simplify technology workflows for our clients.”

“ReverseVision has been a strong partner in supporting OptifiNow’s integration with RVX via the Loan Import API,” continued McGee. “We see ourselves as working on the same team to help Open Mortgage be more successful in their reverse origination business. Our end goal is to generate common happy customers by helping lenders grow their business.”