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Adding HECM Loans to Your Traditional
Lending Platform Has Never Been Easier.

API’s are the key to giving borrowers and loan officers a seamless experience when determining if a traditional or Senior specific lending program may be the best solution.

The applications for these API’s is only limited by your imagination.
RV is actively adding features monthly – so please contact your sales representative often.

Reversevision’s API Platform is built based on RESTful principles, leveraging the JSON standard to interact with loan data.

Create Loan – Ability to create a new loan within the RV LOS / RVX

    • Companies may leverage this to create a new loan from using data from a website, CRM, marketing platform or a new loan from a POS solution

Loan API – Is commonly used to retrieve and update data on an existing loan file
Some benefits include:

    • Keep multiple LOS in sync
    • Pull data in for system of record reports (HMDA)

Loan Status – Retrieve Loan Status

  • Commonly used to Update CRM, POS, or marketing platform with status of a loan

Contact – Create new contacts in RVSA

  • Create a new contact in RVSA, to run scenarios and qualify a borrower.

Configuration – Retrieve company specific and configuration information to support the above APIs

Will be used in conjunction with:

  • Create Loan – Retrieve Loan Officer Ids
  • Loan – Retrieve loan settings, which come from defined lists (i.e State Abbreviations, Street Types, Parking Types, Program Ids)
  • Loan Status – Available Statuses and Ids for statuses


RV Database allows your team to perform bulk extraction of information from RV platform into your servers enabling better business decisions

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RVX Feature: RV Bridge (RVB)

Create new Ellie Mae® Encompass loan files and update existing loan files in RV Exchange with RVB. The only requirements are the current Encompass Smart Client and Encompass SDK be installed on your local computer or server. Keep your reverse mortgage loan pipeline up to date inside your existing “traditional” LOS.

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