ReverseVision System Status

RV Exchange (RVX) v6.8 Release – April 18th 2017 : 7pm – 11 pm PT


ReverseVision will be releasing RVX  version 6.8 Tuesday, April 18th, commencing at 7 :00 pm PT and ending at 11:00 pm PT.  RVX will be unavailable at this time.

Please log out of RVX at the end of your business day on Tuesday 4/18/17.


Please be sure to:

  • Save all information

Release Notes v6.8

All ReverseVision updates and release notes can be located in the ReverseVision Support Portal




RV Exchange

Loan System


Last Issue: April 17
Reports of freezing and loans not saving. This has been resolved.

RV Documents

Loan Documents


Last Issue: March 13
Document History Unavailable.

RV Exchange

Feature in RVX


Last Issue: January 12
Attachments not loading.

RV Administration

RV Admin Website


Last Issue: March 22
Some customers not able to login into RVA. This lasted for 4 minutes and resolved

RV Reporting

Reporting Services


Last Issue: June 29
Authentication Issues.

RV Database

Client Reporting


Last Issue: March 13
Reporting running behind.

RV Integrations

Vendor Integrations


Last issue: September 14
Connectivity issue with CoreLogic.

RV Sales Accelerator

CRM & Sales Tools


Last Issue: March 14
RVSA Inaccessible for some customers depending on your location withIn the US.