ReverseVision System Status

RV Exchange (RVX) v6.10.1  Update – August 4, 2017  

ReverseVision will be deploying an RVX software update this morning (Pacific), 8/4/2017, to address the following issues some users were experiencing:

  • Attempting to pull documents with borrowers aged over 90, would result in RVX locking up.
  • Current APR being hidden on the Compliance Screen.

If you are using RVX at the time of the release, you will receive an in-application message that an update is available. Please close the software and re-launch ReverseVision. This will install the new version on your system.

If you are logged out of RVX at the time of the release, the next time you run RVX, the new version will be installed prior to login.

RV Exchange

Loan System


Last Issue: August 3
We identified an issue where loans show a 0% current APR on the TIL Compliance screen. This appears to only affect loans with a fixed loan program, and only where fees are edited 08/03/2017 or later. 1 pm PST, we have identified the root cause. The screen just isn't displaying the APR value.  The APR is still printing correctly on docs. Aug 4 - A RVX software update version 6.10.1 will be released this morning (pacific time) which will resolve this scenario.

RV Documents

Loan Documents


Last Issue: March 13
Document History Unavailable.

RV Exchange

Feature in RVX


Last Issue: January 12
Attachments not loading.

RV Administration

RV Admin Website


Last Issue: July 10
Clients are not able to login to RVA. Resolved at 1:40 PM PST

RV Reporting

Reporting Services


Last Issue: July 10
Report Generator & our Reporting Website will not generate reports. Resolved 1:40 PM PST.

RV Database

Client Reporting


Last Issue: July 25
We are currently experiencing some tables in client's RVDB not syncing with the production database. This has been resolved. 9:45 am PST.

RV Integrations

Vendor Integrations


Last issue: September 14
Connectivity issue with CoreLogic.

RV Sales Accelerator

CRM & Sales Tools


Last Issue: March 14
RVSA Inaccessible for some customers depending on your location withIn the US.